The vegetable can be planted without Sunlight. How come?

BY:Bruce H. Willy
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The 3 vital elements for the plant are sunlight, soil and water, and the plant couldn’t live without 1 of them. With technology updating day by day, it is not necessary that source of light must be sunlight.



20years ago, the glowing light started to be used in argiculure. People located in high latitudes started to use the lamps, in order to keep the plants growing normally or even faster during the winter.  However, the electricity always costs a lot, this is reason that glowing light is not wildly adapted in agriculure for past 20years.


Now, we have green lighting – LED light, it is not only saving the electricity,  but also longer product light and ECO friendly.  In this decade, LED has been widely used in all kind of industrial application, including the application of agriculture. In agriculture, except lighting supply, the LED can be designed particularly for specific plant with a controlling on the length of light-wave. To help plants to photosynthesize most efficiently, the LED can be programed in spectrum, Lumens and the frequency. So, it is able to control the size, shape, color, quality, how it smell, taste-like and even nutrition of the plants.


For a series application testing,  the wave- length of LED plant did help and match the requirements of the plant during growing, blooming and fruiting.  Normally, the flower planted indoor, it will grow worse when the time is longer, during insufficient sunlight. But the one under LED light will keep growing as well as outdoor. The quality is even better and it can bloom longer. With such a high efficient application, we can plant more vegetable in the winter and market them in early of spring. It can balance the requirement of marketing since it’s always shortage in the earlier of spring.


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