Let's "plant" a Wind Power Generater in the Backyard.

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Base on the data from Union of Concerned Scientists, wind power is the fastest growing energy of alternative energy in the world.  Generally speaking, the districts which suit for wind power generation are far away from residential areas.  Therefore, the cost for electricity delivery is high.  Moreover, considering of city appearance, the wind power generation device are mostly set in suburban district.


There's a new design of wind power generation.  A French company develops a device called "wind tree", which can be placed in your backyard just like a normal oak.  The size is under 30 feet tall and less than 23 feet wide.  With this artificial tree, it will obstruct views and damage a community's aesthetic.

Wind tree is made from plastic and aluminum.  The plastic leaves are served as turbine blades, which only needs 22 miles per hour for operation.  As wind blows, the plastic leaves will spin to generate energy that goes to a transformer to be used for family use.  Each tree can generate energy for a small family's half amount of annual electricity consumption.


Compared to other forms of sustainable energy like solar power, the cost is less than half including delivery and installation.  Although the wind tree hasn't been mass production, there were already installation requests from some small companies in Europe.


You can call it an art.  Can you image whole forest consist of "wind tree"?  “We're thrilled to be able to participate in that movement and, thus, help each and every one of them find their own peaceful place in the world", said CEO of wind tree.


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