Owa ! Water the garden/farm by App, Cool! 哇! 用手機APP澆水, 酷!

BY:Magi Mole
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To a farmer, the irrigation/watering is the key work every day.  However, how much water and time do your corps need, and which crops need more and which plants need less? All of these jobs must be managed carefully on daily basis. When irrigation/watering can be monitored and controlled by Mobile APP, you can be free to go to the office, promote products or travel everywhere without any worry. Mobile Watering APP because the basic and key equipment for a New Era Farmer.   

灌溉澆水是務農的每日首要工作, 澆多少水?澆多久? 那些作物要澆多一些, 那些植物少一些, 都是需要每日小心控管的.… 當澆水的工作可以交由手機輕鬆控管, 你就可以安心自由去上班/行銷, 四處旅遊. 是現代農夫首要配備…



According to the system provider, “The APP allows you to manage and control up to 10 programmable zones and schedules. It means that you can programmable it up to 10 service zones in according to the different crops or plants and the water supplying speed. It helps you to save the water efficiently & extremely.  For example, in the summer, it needs twice watering for net green house in every morning & afternoon; and once for fruit tree in every afternoon. For the tomato that planted with tree, you only needs to water once in each other day. And for the green yard, it only need to water once per week. During the raining days, you may turn off the system simply by your finger on the mobile. Or you may set up the Rain sensor and let the rain sensor to shot down the system.  Saving the water and your time! The system provider said “Precisely operates your irrigation plan, in right time, right water volume, never take-day-off!  Even a professional farmer could not make it.    

根据業者表示, “一台主機可提供高達10區的控管服務”, 即是你可依不同物作需求及水力供應的速度, 分區分時供水. 以達到省水的最高效益. 如在夏天, 網室內的蔬菜區早晚澆一次水, 菓樹區每天傍晚澆一次, 和樹種在一齊的蕃茄可以兩天交一次. 水土保持的草坪可以每週澆一次水..下雨天, 只要手指點點關掉它…或裝雨水感應器, 自動關掉當日的澆水計畫. 節水又省. 業者說 “定時定量, 照表操課,從不請假, 即使是專業農夫也辦不到的”.



Moreover, it helps you to detect flowing condition in accordance with the statistical flow data in real time, . If any event of a leak occurs , you are able to shutdown your irrigation system remotely, no need to go back the farm. So, it prevents your crops or plants were damaged due to water leaking issue. For additional ease of use this APP system, it allows you to capture and upload a unique photo to each zone helping you to quickly identify sections of your garden, saving the trouble to memory the name of each area.

更捧的是, 透過流控管偵測到的數据, 更可判知是否有管線漏水之問題, 並即時以遠端關閉系統, 以避免淹水作物受損之撼事. 還有額外貼心的小功能,  它可以允許你直接使用各區照片做為識別, 以便於管理省去記憶各區名稱之麻煩.


During this Era of  Water Resources limited & Label Shortage  , new agricultural tech development is more important day by day. A tech friendly with mother earth,  such as Mobile’s Watering APP system, has been expecting always. Now It really comes to us. For the farmers and the Tech nobles who want to join farming, it is really a sound from heaven!

在這個水資源有限, 人工短缺, 更突顯農業科技化的重要性,日與俱增. 對地球友善的科技 如手機APP澆水系統, 也是一直被期待的科技, 如今它己來臨. 對農民及想成為農民的科技新貴而言, 真的是一大福音.










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