Awesome, 87 years old Grandma operated UVA to protect her farm.

BY:Magi Mole
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Herding Cattle with UAV is becoming popular in Australia and America.  They use drones to move and together the domesticated animals.  But, in Taiwan, Grandma Huang operates her drone for different purpose.

Grandma Huang, 87 years old, well-operated drone to scare the birds to protect her farm.  During the interview, she felt embarrassed and said “my son taught me” “I’m too old to scare the birds away. Ha..Ha.. This is really very helpful.”  Her son is Ching-sheng Huang, the professor who just retired from National Sun Yat-sen University and worked on a project, name “Farm Turtle”.  He is collecting the records of the farms status by UAV.  Grandma found it could work and learned it from her son.  “Just one day, my mother learned and worked it very well”, Dr. Huang said.  For an 87 years old lady, this is a kind of mission impossible.  But she did.


She plants 6 kinds of crops in her organic farm.  They are purple rice, millet, buckwheat, oats, barley, and red quinoa.  She always puts the scarecrows in farm, in order to keep the birds and grasshoppers away.  She smiles and says "Now the bird is smart, so the scarecrows doesn’t work well.  Sometime, I have to run out to scare them away.   Now, I have MAV… ha.. ha”.   In the future, her scarecrows may lose the job…Ha.Ha.Ha.

Photo courtesy : //blog.ilc.edu.tw/blog/index.php?op=printView&articleId=299293&blogId=19624

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