USB Type C -- A standard meant to be future-proof.

BY:Alberta W.
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Each time, we change the mobile or media device, it comes out different cables again.  Open your drawer which one is your drawer, right or left? It doesn’t matter which one you choose. That always takes time to store them well or to find them out. Couldn’t we have just 1 cable for all of the applications? Yes, USB type C comes for this mission.

The USB C type – a standard to be future proof with 24-pin double-sided connector is similar in size to the micro-B connector. The connector provides at least the following application.

  •  -4 power/ground pairs

  •  -2 differential pairs for non-SuperSpeed data

  •  -4 pairs for high-speed data bus at 10G~20Gbits

  •  -2 "sideband use" pins

  •  -2 configuration pins for cable orientation detection

It means that one USB C type can charge the power, do the data transmitting, audio/video signal, support display/HDMI mode.

Source: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/news-room/20140307IPR38122/meps-push-for-common-charger-for-all-mobile-phones

Moreover, USB Type-C devices may optionally support bus power currents of 1.5 A and 3.0 A (at 5 V) in addition to baseline bus power provision. Moreover, locking type is also an option to prevent signal or power cut during vibration or accidental dropping. 

With so many applications, one USB type C becomes hot design and selling point.
More and more new products in 2017 are scheduled to use USB C type. That is good news for user. You don’t need to take care of 3-4 cables for your device. Just the one , USB type C, will take care of your personal device simply in the future. 

Have you ever miss-plugged USB on your device with wrong orientation? It may damage your device, sometime.

Don't worry, USB Type C is reversible. You may plug any orientation as you want.  No more check before plugging. Once you hear a “click” after plugging, it means the mating is successful. So convenient, isn't it?




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