A vital component in every electronic device - Pin Header

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Pin header only consists of insulator and several pins; but has been widely utilized in electronic and electricfield.  It plays the role of connecting two isolated circuits and transferring power or signal.  It usually comes along with the counterpart, socket and connects board to board or wire to board.

Due to the different product specifications, there are a variety of pin model applications.  For example, pin header with plastic guide box around called “box header” or “shrouded header”.  Normally, it is utilized in ribbon cable and has a notch in the guide box for fool proofing, to prevent mating in wrong way.

Pin header requires vibration-proof and impact resistance because it may run in some special environment, such as aviation and automobile industry.  Since the technology grows rapidly, the requirement of connector increases widely.  As the size of the product become smaller, miniaturization and functional integration become more important.

The automotive market grew rapidly as well as the connector market.  The trends of the electronic components are modularity, miniaturization, and intellectualization.  Speak of the automotive industry, 1880 was the generation of combustion engine, 1950 was the electronic generation, and has entered automatic generation since 2010.Therefore, electronic monitoring and communicated application become more important; the requirement of PCB connector also comes to another level.

Photo courtesy: Auto Motores Informa “Delphi Automotive reports fourth quarter and full year 2011 financial results” Retrieved Jan. 30, 2013 from http://www.automotores-rev.com/delphi-automotive-reports-fourth-quarter-and-full-year-2011-financial-results/

Connection, safety, and environmental protection are the main requirement for automotive connector market. Today, cars can connect to the satellite; they will connect to base installation like office or home in the future. Due to the automotive entertainment system upgrade continuously, the function of high speed data transmission becomes more important.  Since the more applications in the automotive connector, the more combinations of function in the connector possess.  One connector may transfer GPS signal and broadcast signal at the same time. Factory made a module to have combining functions, which can advance the adaptability and economic efficiency.


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