The quality of Pin Header cannot be ignored

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Pin header, this kind of electrical circuit involved product cannot be ignored while selecting.  With the direct connection on the printed circuit board, the quality of the pin header has to be taken seriously.  The following example did happen in the production line.

During the production, it may have some quality concerns.  The traditional punching process may have some pin deformation.  The pin deformation will cause capillary crack, which will affect the circuit and total quality.  This quality issue should not happen, especially in industrial application.  One solution to solve the deformation issue is directly stamping.  It prevents the capillary crack while bending pin and makes sure the connection.  The 100% of lead coplanarity and tolerance control are also very important.

The advantages are the following, ensuring the reliability of circuit assembly process, well soldering quality, improving the product excellent rate, and saving the cost.  Moreover, pin headers with right angle version will become more solid and can avoid damage from improper handling.  This stamping skill is also suitable for interface module.

Undergoing the industry 4.0 generation, the production way of the core product has changed.  The technology improves as well as our life styles.  Can you image this high-technology life can be influenced by a tiny connector?  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  We should pay attention on using the true and reliable product at the beginning.

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