Recycling turns E-waste into artwork!

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Photo credit: Emmet https://www.pexels.com/photo/scrap-metal-trash-litter-scrapyard-128421/

Rapidly evolving technology brings human a lot of help in living. It largely shortens the distance amongst people and makes their life easier. On the other hand, it causes a serious problem to the Earth as well. Large amounts of electronic waste are generated and piled up. The waste will lead to the unbalance of eco system, space shortage, and health issues. Under this circumstance, recycling E-waste not only can make money but reduce environment pollution to a certain degree.


Photo credit: Kim Bo-eun http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2015/11/120_188628.html

A recycling company in Taiwan, Super Dragon Technology (SDTI), develops their in-house recycling technology and turns electronic waste into artwork, gold, silver, and other metal. SDTI provides industrial waste disposal services for electronics, semiconductor, and printed-circuit board companies. The company collects E-waste around the world and processes the waste with its own know-how. It also made a lot of foreign enterprises surprised by its environmentalism, and debuted on the documentary “Megastructures: Urban Mine” by NGC and MOFA.


Photo credit: Megastructures: Urban Mine by National Geographic Channel

One of SDTI’s plants, named Green Plant, is famous for building with recycled materials from industrial waste. The plant is located along the west coast of Taiwan, and it is combined with solar panels as sun shades on the roof and wind turbines to conserve energy. This location gives the plant enough wind to generate more natural energy.


Photo credit: Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners

In addition, SDTI has cooperated with a government institute for many athletic activities. Every winner was awarded with a medal or trophy made of recycled waste materials. A trophy was designed as the shape of Taiwan and with a Taiwanese indigenous bird, featuring Taiwan beauty and the idea of environment protection.

Certainly, technology gives human a better and more convenient life. However, we still need to think about how to dispose after those useless electronic devices are thrown away. Thanks to recycling companies over the world, E-waste is not useless. It can have a second life and become great again.


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