Kim Jong-un really got angry, because of Galaxy Note 7.

BY:Magi mole
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Kuso news from internet said that ... While North Korean Nuclear tests explosion successfully shocked the world, a series explosion of Galaxy Note 7 from South Korean caught world’s eye immediately. And it always occupied the head line of the news. This made Kim totally angry.


No joke! FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) strongly advises passengers not to turn on or charge these devices on board aircraft and not to stow them in any checked baggage. Australian airlines ban use of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 too. World news focused on Galaxy Note 7 firing immediately.  Many webs revealed that a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 caught fire while charging, even though the user just put it on the table or in pocket. Till Sep 1st, there were at least 35 cases reported officially to Samsung, excluding the car burning case in USA and a heat-melting /smoking case in coffee shop in UK.


The main defect came from the battery. Samsung reports declared that an error occurred in assembly process, so that the battery separator might be under a pressure and result in positive electrode in contact with negative to cause an overheating furtherly.

The major battery supplier for Note 7 is SDI and ATL. SDI belongs to Samsung group and supplies 70% battery (made in Korea) that is reported for fire issue. 30% comes from ALT China that belongs to TDK Japan group. Samsung will use batteries made by China's ATL for the next batch of Galaxy Note 7s instead of SDI, a South Korean report says, following the phone's recall.


With Samsung Note issue, Apple successfully launched iPhone 7 with a big hit, and highlighted “no SDI battery used on iPhone 7”. On 2016 apple supplier list page 15 (https://www.apple.com/kr/supplier-responsibility/pdf/Suppliers.pdf ) as bellowed. It still showed SDI China and Korea on this supplier list. Being one of Apple fans, this is not funny. We hope Apple will amend the list soon.







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