White House gift bag is made of STONE !

BY:Magi Mole
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Look! Such a beautiful and delicate hand bag is a gift bag of white house. Amazing!  It is made of stone, very durable, and water proof.  The stone bag comes from Taiwan, a company named Taiwan Lung Meng Technology Co., Ltd. It took them over 10 years to turn STONE into Paper.


Why stone, not tree?

As we knew, 20 more large trees can produce 1 metric ton of traditional wood pulp papers. It also takes 10-20 years to group the tree. The environment cost is too high. For the stone, you don’t need to water and wait for 10-20 years. The stone paper can be recycled and rebuilt. There is no water pollution and air pollution during the processes.


In the tradition wood pulp paper processes, it always consumes large amounts of precious water to rid of the acid, and causes air pollution at the same time.  But Stone paper process is a waterless process. So no waste water, no air pollution comes out. This is really ECO friendly solution.

Who choose Stone, not Tree?

With its durability and water proof characters, one stone paper bag can be used for many years. More and more leading brand chose to use the stone paper to highlight their ECO friendly concept, such as P&G, Google, Alta map, Chile passport holder…etc.

Stone paper is absolutely a cleaver innovation.

Let us Choose the stone, save the Tree and water!




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