Glass is no longer Glass. It's Future.

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Glass is everywhere in our daily lives.  Thanks to the technology, glass is not only a glass.  There are so many applications but can you image anyone of the following inventions?


Smart Glass is a glass which can change the transmittance automatically by sensor.  It doesn’t need complex circuit design to operate; the secret is the TCSM packaging between the two glasses.  Once the glass senses the strong sunlight, the transmittance will be lower, and vice versa.  With this glass design, you will feel warm in winter and cool in summer.

Reference: www.inventaipei.com.tw

Another type of glass is Energy-saving Glass.  Using the low electric drive to change the transmittance not only supplies the light but also saves the energy.  Even when the glass is transparent condition, it can still block the ultraviolet.  This technology can be utilized in automatic sunroof and the outer glass of building. 

Reference: www.inventaipei.com.tw

The LCD Smart Glass makes the smart refrigerator both functionality and energy-saving.  When people come close the fridge, the door will change from mist to transparent.  You don’t have to open the door then decide what to take out.  This can save the time you open the fridge, which also saves the energy.  The screen on the door will also show the stock and even the calories of the food.  It’s a brilliant invention.

Reference: www.inventaipei.com.tw

Recently, a new prototype has launched – Invisible Television.  It utilizes the latest technology called organic light-emitting diode.  The OLED screen will turn into transparent glass while not using, which looks just as a normal glass.  Although this product will be available for at least three years, the idea has already amazed the industry.

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoIQmWd8LTQ

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