Tired of losing wallet? Try E-wallet!

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Are you a person doesn’t like to go out with wallet; or you already lost your wallet more than three times?  Electronic wallet may be a good choice for you.  There are many kinds of E-wallet in the market.  Speaking of electronic wallet, what do you care the most, convenience, safety, or design?  Here are some new designs for your reference.


ZENLET is designed in a simple, safe, and Zen conception.  There are three characteristics of this E-wallet.  No-interlayer design can save the unessential space.  The thickness of the E-wallet is only 10mm.  Secondly, the metallic protective layer can protect all the content.  Last but not least, the sliding mechanism can let you spread and find your card easily.  By the way, it is made of 100% recycle material and made in Taiwan.

Reference: http://zenlet.co/home/wallet/


Spendwallet utilizes MFE technology (Magnetic Flow Simulation Technology).  It can save up to 20 cards through its’ APP.  The E-wallet is connected with your smartphone; you will get notification once the E-wallet is over 20 meters away from your phone.  The thickness is 5.8mm and the weight is around 65g.  Moreover, one full battery capacity can stand for 4 weeks.

Reference: http://spendwallet.com


What if you forget to bring any card with you, or you don’t even want to take anything out?  Here’s an interesting design.  Painted Nails become an electronic wallet, can you imagine that?  A fashion design academy student from UK creates this product combine with convenient and fashion.  You just have to put your painted nails above the card readers.  However, people who may grind their nails in daily lives are not suitable for this product. 

Reference: https://www.cnet.com/news/fingernails-with-embedded-chip-make-for-an-easier-commute/#ftag=CADf328eec

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