Flexible PCB drives up the design storm for Industry 4.0

BY:Magi Mole
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Industry 4.0 Era is coming, all the machines and facilities must be more intelligent. Not only smart, but also small. Or it will be abounded out of market. “Adding new function and sliming the size “, how can it do? Flexible PCB will do.


Flexible PCB needs only a space that paper can pass. For example,You can simply add a extra circuit for internet application to talk with your existing PCB of machine, such as the bottom layer on bellow picture. Or More, you may add top layer FPC for dialing function. So, you can slim the case and smart the product right away.


Flexible PCB can bridge/shield PCB . It reduces the wire harness failure issues and give a better connection. There are always some % defects   caused by a over pulling or miss-pushing the wire harness  by operators during assembling. It always takes time to recheck, rework and re-inspection. It costs a lot. Flexible PCB requests a SMT process that saves the time and trouble. More and more wire harness are replaced by Flexible PCB now.

Flexible PCB frees  Engineers from design. Flexible PCB can be existing in any shape, any number of layers you want, and any electrical/mechanical to join with other PCB. According to Zugo investigation, the flexible PCB is hot for Robotic, automotive, medical application, including famous Capsule Endoscopies (Pill-Cam). Flexible PCB is driving up the design storm for Industry 4.0












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