Conversion of Heat into Power

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Speaking of data storage, it needs the space for the server, electricity to maintain the server, and even air-conditioner to cool the server.  To have more storage capacities, it will take huge amount of energy.  However, a company in Holland has developed a system using the heat produced by data servers to warm water in households.  This system not only benefits the servers’ owner and householder, but also reduces the emissions of CO2.

According to the company’s website, “Combined, data centers use up more electricity than India and generate more CO2 emissions than the airline industry.”  The main reason is the 24-hours non-stop air-conditioner cools down the data servers.  Transferring the generated heat to warm the water for family use is a energy revolution.

For companies, they can save almost 50 percent of data storage expenses.  For family use, they can save heating cost around €300 a year.  Except the financial benefit, the system can also reduce carbon emissions of each family by up to three tons.


This green energy evolution idea may strike the market.  In the future, the generated heat can be used in other application.  Ready for the revolution?  Let’s see.


Source: https://www.symbid.com/ideas/8049?locale=en

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