Mr. Cook, are you sure Apple products will be always produced in China, not India?

BY:Magi Mole
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According to HK Wenweipo News, on 2015/Aug/08, Foxconn signed an agreement with India government to invest US$5 billions to build the electronic assembly plants(including Mobile assembly) in Maharashtra state, India. This agreement was signed in Mumbai (the capital of Maharashtra state) and the news was released by the medias of China and India government immediately. 


In last Dec, just 3months after above news, Tim Cook still insisted to produce in China when he was interviewed by Rose in “60 Minutes”. After 1 year, will Cook still answer “It’s skill” when Apple products are made in India?



Foxconn is famous by flexibility of assembly lines and high robotization rate .    

In 2014 Jun, Foxconn had implemented their FOXBOT on production lines of Apple IPhone 6.

In 2015 May, Foxconn invited the media reporter to visit the Factories; almost 50% employees were replaced by FOXBOT – the robots, comparing 2013.


Foxconn’s success is nothing to do with “Labor Skill”.

For USA market, will Apple  consider buying the components or semi-assembled parts from China or Taiwan, then final assembly in USA. Foxconn will be happy to sell you the FOXBOT ( the robots) for assembly the Mobile for USA marking. And this will be help for USA too. Why not ?  Mr. Cook, PLS consider it.


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