Well-designed plastics outperform metal

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With the increasing demand for lighter and smaller electronic devices, more and more manufacturers start to replace metal parts with plastic to reduce the weight.  Plastic parts, however, how can this breakable and often thought as inferior material replace metal without sacrificing product life and performance?

The question leaves plastic manufacturers and suppliers been busy in crafting comprehensively superior plastic parts to outperform metal.  With decades of experience, a plastic manufacturer succeeds.  Their plastics parts are not just a substitute for metal, but actually an improvement for end products.  Take their gears for example, they are as durable as metal gears but built with higher precision level.  The gear precision can be controlled in JIS grade 2 to 3 depending upon the application of the gear.

Plastic gears

The manufacturer that succeeds in making outstanding plastics parts is called Fortech.  It maybe unfamiliarto you, but many plastic parts of your necessities are produced by them, including half of CD-ROMs around the world. 

The company was established in 1992, by several experienced engineers that penetrated in precision mold fabrication and plastic injection.  Since then, they dedicated themselves to design and manufacture customized plastic injection products that can outperform metal.Their core skills are precision injection and mold tooling.  

Moreover, designing ability is undoubtedly their strength.  They had already developed 80% of their molds by themselves. With the core skills, the plastic appearance and precision part are brought to life.To reinforce certain products, they provide sputtering.  It is a coating process that can be applied to non-metal materials such as plastic and glass.  They apply this technology to produce anti-EMI coating and appearance parts.

The uniqueness of their sputtering lies in self-developed machines. The machines are built with self-developed software, upgraded power supply, and vertical design. 

Self-developed machine
Photo courtesy: 魏益權. Feb 26, 2016 Retrieved from http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20130618000402-260210

The software allows them to do precise adjustments during the process.   Upgraded power supply can enhance the adhesion and use various materials to create multiple metal textures on one object.  The vertical machine can process double-sided and large size objects and form depth coating. The coating thickness can be minimized to 0.5μm.

Apart from producing components and appearance parts, they further their capacity to produce optical components.  They successfully combine injection molding and optical design to craft new optical components,which can be applied to medical, defense, and automotive industry.

Fortech’ plastic products proves that with proper design, plastics can be as strong as metal; and even be a better manufacturing material.  Maybe one day in the future, plastic can beused to manufacture cars and aerospace shuttle.    


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