Industry 4.0 and Future Life

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Industry 4.0 and Future Life

Industry to Life

Material Improvement ► Technology Upgrading ► Cost Reduction by Mass Production ► Universalized ► Lifestyle Change

Photo courtesy: CMO “Slide Show: 9 New Chiefs Head to The C-Suite” Retrieved July 10, 2013 from http://www.cmo.com/slide-shows/_9_new_chiefs_for_th.html

Future Trend

Thanks to the implement of Industry 4.0, the factory becomes more intelligent.  Some future products we only seen in the movie will come to real; the lifestyles of human beings are going to change as well.

  • Intelligent Life
  • Safe Life
  • Healthy Life
  • Environmental Protecting Life

Intelligent Life

Photo courtesy: International Federation of Robotics “Global Survey: Human-robot Teams capturing new Sectors”Retrieved December 2, 2014 from http://www.ifr.org/news/ifr-press-release/global-survey-human-robot-teams-capturing-new-sectors-670/

  • Robot

    Painstakingly, demanding, monotonous, high precision, high-risk, and harsh-environment jobs will be taken over by robots.  People don’t have to do dirty, dangerous, and journey work.

  • Smart Home

    Sound control, brainwave control, and remote control products, which can adjust automatically based on environment and even users’ habits, will penetrate into our lives.  It promotes convenient life, such as smart household electric appliance or household robot doing the heavy housework.

Safe Life

  • Living Disaster Prevention

    With plenty of sensors installed into devises and living space to deal with every circumstance, such as CO detector, smoke detector, pressure detector, and temperature sensor, we will have a zero-accident safe life.

  • Security Surveillance

    From traffic monitoring system to family security system, our daily life is glutted with every kind of surveillance system.  It provides the best support for human life and property.  Meanwhile, it arouses the controversy of privacy.

Healthy Life

The wearable devices with electric implanted chip can supervise and control heart beats, blood pressure, SaO2, and blood sugar condition.  When abnormal conditions happen, it can adjust the condition through bionic electron.  Moreover, it can contact the ambulance and emergency contact person while emergency situation, then convey the related message to first-aider before arriving the hospital.

Photo courtesy: Chicago Health “Health Apps and Wearables: The Next Stage” from http://chicagohealthonline.com/health-apps-and-wearables-the-next-stage/

Environmental Protecting Life

  • Intelligent Factory

    With intelligent factory, the production capacity increases with less energy.  The pollution from factories can be decreased and surveilled, so the environmental disruption can be improved.

  • Plant Factory

    Plant factory will replace most of the traditional agriculture. Without affection of climate and plant disease, the crop capacity can be produced stably.  There’s no necessary to grow the cash crop and abuse pesticide, which can avoid escarpment and pollution.

Photo courtesy: National Geographic “Q&A: Inside the World's Largest Indoor Farm”Retrieved July 19, 2014 from http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/07/140717-japan-largest-indoor-plant-factory-food/


  • Utilize and Reborn of Natural Resource

    Continuous monitoring the process of production makes the required energy decrease.  The natural resource like wind, water, and sun can be utilized properly and recycled to renewable resource.

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