Material Credit issue clashed Xiaomi RedMi note 2

BY:Magi Mole
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Last Aug, Xiaomi launched Redmi Note 2 and sold 800,000 sets in 24hr.  It beat Apple down and became No. 1 smart phone in China.  Not long after that, negative comment was flooding everywhere in the internet.  According to WeChart China report, Redmi Noted 2 – the one produced by Xiaomi was facing the return crisis from every corner in China due to false propaganda.  The most unacceptable material change on Redmi Note 2 was touch screen and camera.



According to Xiaomi official website and flagship store announcement, the spec of touch panel screen is made by Sharp or AUD, the Camera is Samsung 1300 pixel camera, and one year warranty, etc.  We would focus on the two major arguments, not go on too much detailed items for this material change issue.  Actually, the screen was supplied by local brand named Tianma, which caused a lot of uncomfortable experience.  Regarding the Camera announced by Xiaomi, it supposed to be Samsung 1300 pixel camera, but was changed to a local brand too.  Xiaomi clarified “We meant Samsuang ISO cell, not camera.”  Then all kinds of vicious language washed out on their official website.  Xiaomi fought back by deleting the massages or closing Fan’s accounts, in order to clean and refresh their website. They would soon find out that they were way off base.


This was impossible to quench the angry fire of return requests from everywhere in China.  The wholesale – JD Mall offered extra power bank of 5000mAh as the compensation package.  It did work for some of die-hard fans, but not everyone. Some of the fans went to Hauwei. Now Hauwei became the second large company in China and press close to Xiaomi in Market share.





In short, the key to keep the fans and market isHonest” --Honest to your spec, and Honest to your promotion activity. So, the Fans will “Honestly follow you always, Like Apple”.

     Photo Courtesy to Branding In Asian


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