Holy Cow! Diamond can be made of Dung.

BY:Magi Mole
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In National Academia Sinica, Dr. Mao Ho-kwang and Dr. Hermle announced their years’ research of the know-how of CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) & HPHT diamond from dung in 2008.  They succeeded making 10 kts and sent to GIA (Gemological Institute of America) gemologist, the qualified experts for comment. He took a long time for studying it and curiously asked, “Where the diamonds came from, because it had a rare flash of pink, while the cutting way was also very special.”


How could the dung make out the diamond?  Dr. Mao said “We extracted high purity methane from cow dung and catalyzed with gaseous Hydrogen & Nitrogen.  Then we used the microwave to generate high pressure, so methane and carbon molecules will accumulate above loose diamonds.”  It took 1 week to “grow” 2kts of the diamond.


Actually, the first Synthetic Diamond or Artificial Diamond was created by GE in 1970. But the cost was very high and it was hard to control the activity of Hydrogen & Nitrogen in the process.  Therefore, the color was unsatisfied on the market.  Now a day, some artificial diamonds are even more "perfect" than natural diamonds (no occlusions, white color, etc).


In 2008, it might be difficult to identify the artificial diamond from nature diamond.  With more high-tech equipment are developed out, it can be easy identified today.  Let’s see the following test result.


Since the artificial diamond is too good to identify out, Lady, I think that we may not be worry about the blood diamond issue, we have better to review the value of our diamond on hand first.

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