Break free and Rise

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Have you ever examined the outer cases of computers and vending machines before?  Chances are you may find those outer metal pieces are flawless and well-made.   Those cases may come from a fabricator based in Taiwan called SDY.  They started their OEM business from manufacturing metal cases of copy machines in 1986.  Later, they improved their capacity, including manufacturing airport luggage carts, cases of vendor machines and so on.

你有仔細看過電腦外殼或販賣機外殼嗎? 如果你仔細檢視,可能會發現這些金屬外殼的有著傳統工藝及高質感。 這些金屬外殼可能都來自於淡水的上得原公司,他們在1986年開業,從生產影印機外殼起家,現今已將產線延伸到了各式金屬製品如機場推車、販賣機等等。

Few weeks ago, I felt highly honored to have a chance to enter their factory and discovered some amazing products.  The first product I saw was a case of Kiosk Machine that exported to japan.  The interior of the case was so complicated and elegant like the structure of skyscraper. The surface was smooth and without any burrs.  This indicated this factory had excellent manufacturing and software skills.  Later, I saw two interesting products that used in the airport on daily basis which were Airport luggage and shopping carts.  The specialty of them was the extra smooth surface.  The carts never snagged clothes and scratched suitcases.  In addition, the carts had a load capacity of 300 Kg at least and they never moved on escalator.  Furthermore, they had four year warranty.  After 4 years of using, they were still zero fault, zero maintenance.

幾周前,我很榮幸有機會能參觀他們工廠,在參觀中發現了許多有趣的產品。 我看到的第一個產品是外銷日本的IBON的機殼,裡面的結構如同摩天大樓般的複雜及精巧,表面沒有任何毛邊,非常光滑,這展現了他們的軟體能力及製造技術。 隨後,我發現每天在機場被使用的手推車,也是他們的產品,這個推車特別的地方在於其光滑的表面,絕對不會勾破行李及衣服,除此之外推車至少能夠承重300公斤,在手扶梯上也不會滑動,另外還有4年的保固。即使過了四年,手推車還是零故障、零維修。


After showing their products, sales manager Mr. Jiang started to share his thought and philosophy of this industry.  “After 30 years of devoting in this industry, he wanted to change, improving this industry and took it to the next level.”, he said.  In order to achieve this goal, he started to replace out-of-date equipment with the latest automatic robot equipment, such as Amada Pega 357 turret punch press, Mazak laser cutting machine, Robotic spot welding and built automatic production line since 1997.  This not only improved productivity and quality but also reduced the time. 

在介紹完公司產品後,江經理開始闡述他對這個產業的想法及哲學。他說: 「在奉獻三十年給這個產業後,他想要改變並提升這個產業,將它帶進新的局面。為了要達成他的目標,他從1997年開始將老舊的機台全都更新為自動機器化的設備,建立自動化生產線,新的設備有Amada Pega 357電腦沖床、Mazak 雷射切割機、自動燒焊機(機械手臂) 、等等自動化器材。這樣不只提升產能及品質也縮短了生產時間。

Apart from improving equipment and productivity, transforming itself to the next level was another goal.  With 30 years of OEM production experience, they wanted to use these skills and experience to produce their own products, transforming from an OEM factory to a manufacturer.  Like a butterfly breaks the cocoon, flying and rising in the market.

除了更新設備提升產能外,工廠轉型是另一個目標。 有了三十年的生產代工經驗,他們想要運用多年下來累積的技術,生產屬於自己的商品,從代工廠轉型為生產商,如同蝴蝶破繭而出,在市場上飛翔。

Few years ago, they started to research & design, made products to meet people’s need.  They had successfully built a high tech vendor machine, combing electric wallet with traditional vendor machine.  This can be used in water parks, playgrounds, and many other places; offering a more convenient way of buying things.  The process of inventing is still going on; let’s wait and see how their products will change our life.

幾年前,他們已經開始研發能符合市場需求的商品。 他們已經成功地打造出高科技的自動販賣機,將傳統販賣機結合電子錢包。 此機種可以用在水上遊樂場,主題遊樂村,及其他地方,提供一個更便捷的消費方式。他們研發的腳步持續在進行,讓我們期待他們之後會推出什麼產品來改變我們的生活。





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