Edible Beer pack rings not only strong, but also safe for animals to eat.

BY:Magi Mole
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In this May, an article “Turtle Cut Free From 6-Pack Rings Is Unstoppable 20 Years Later” , by Stephen Messenger, quite shocked the world. Could not we do something to stop it? Yes, the edible 6-pack ring is coming out.


Only Americans, they drink 6.3 billion gallons of beer – half of which is sold in cans. And most of them are packaged in six-packs. Billions of 6-pack rings were used every year, and numerous of them are discarded into the river or sea every day. How about the worldwide? This is significant disaster, totally out of control on the earth. When human is enjoying a convenient life with plastic parts , marine life is tasting bitterness of dead little by little.



In the same month, this may, Saltwater Brewery launches 3D printed edible six-pack rings that are safe for animals to eat. The material is beer slag -- the left over brewing products of wheat and barley. It is not only fully edible and biodegradable solution, but also strong enough to carry the weight of six beer cans. Many beer companies were aware of the problem, then introduced this edible/recyclable 6-pack ring and encouraged customer to reuse it.  Let's give them a big KUDO.


According to Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s report in World Economic Forum, it said “until 2050, when drifting in the sea of plastic garbage, the weight will exceed the total weight of the fish. This could be appalling news, but not far away from the true.

Curtesy to SCI & Tech

Except this edible pack ring, what we can do immediately?

Stop using the plastic bag and PE bottle.

Because, that’s occupied over 50% of ocean garbage.  Save the ocean, our future !


Don’t make “plastic bag” as a fish !







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