Nightmare for all MIS manager – Internet/LAN crashed in 12-18months on average

BY:Magi Mole
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"Oh My God, the IP switch crashed again in 12-18 months, why?" said Duke Oqonek—the MIS manager in a IT company with 120 employees, “this is a leading brand XXXXX with 50u' gold on contact, how come? ". The boss knocked the glass door with the anger in his eyes, “last time was the Router broke down, now is what?”. This time, before calling for help, Duke Oqonek decided to check the contacts under the electric magnifier. He was surprised by the roughness of the surface of the 50u’ gold contact. 

He used the cotton swabs dipping with alcohol to clean the contacts, and it worked and boosted the system again. 


Duke Oqonek called his friends who are hardware engineers working at Silicon Valley.  Their have same comments “This plating quality issue is always a common problem in China .”  It can be easily settled by cleaning them with cotton dip with alcohol, but it will keep happening in coming years.

Why the contact surface is unsmooth and oxidized easily?  The problems resulted from the poor water purification system in plating plants. The qualified the plating plants used to clean the plating object with pure water at conductivity 0.2‐1 M Ω. No matter it came from Industrial RO or EDI(RO+EDI). EDI means Electric De‐Ionization.  



For cost saving, some of plating plants have been purifying water with methods shown below.

1. Using water from river and pure it by simple RO filer( Reverse Osmosis), while the color is transparent and Clear.

2. The one has a good equipment,  they don’t change the filer & material as schedule.

3. Using the running water or tap water directly.

4. Using the Distilled water. However, it always contained same kinds of Chemical, such as chloride from tap water.

All of aboves keep causing this plating quality issue as shown on the bellowed.



The cost between this two plating plants is less than US0.01‐0.02 different for 8 contacts. To end this nightmare, you only need to change a new jack. The manufacture saved the cost of million pieces, but the user has to keep buying it due to this short life cycle.




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