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Robotic Arm

Since the increased wage, unstable of labor, and the small-value, large-variety production requirement, these factors have given raise to automated factory.  Moreover, with the trend of Industry 4.0 goes viral, the demand of smart factory becomes more important.  The key component of automated factory is robotic arm.

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The most different between robotic arm and the other automatic facilities is the “Multi-axis”.  Unlike the traditional machines, robotic arm can do higher order and nonlinear motion.  This function enables the robotic arm to move freely in three-dimensional space.

Multi-axis means the motor of the axis on each robotic arm operates simultaneously or sequentially; or the motors of all robotic arms in the production line operate and finish the work together.  In short the key of multi-axis is mutual cooperation of the motors.

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Once an axis shift to certain angles, the other axis follows.  The collocation of relative movement is the most complex part for the robotic arm and is also the essential of upgraded automation.  The more applications of the axis represent the more works machine can do, which will enhance the machining level of the production line.

Robotic arm has been widely utilized in automatic industry, especially in automotive manufacturing, motor vehicle parts manufacturing, and electronics industry.  The advantages are promoting the quality of product, avoiding human expose in dangerous working environment, and even doing more accurate job or aided operating.  It not only saves the time but also the manpower for quality control.  The application of robotic arm expands to agriculture, medical industry, and even space industry.

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The technology of robotic arm advances in working and living standard.  There will be more jobs done by machine.  The generation of fully-automatic factory (smart factory) is coming.

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