Handwriting Robot is an Angel, or Evil ?

BY:Magi Mole
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With the beautiful curves flowing from the handwriting robot, it makes all the designers' eye open immediately. It's so helpful for the designer to create the unique work.  More and more people want to try on it, in order to have a personal style card or work.  Some of people even called it as "Angel"--- a hand from Angel.



 "Axidraw" and "Bond" are famous handwriting robots reported recently in TV and Internet.  Axidraw is a “personal writing and drawing machine” created by Evil Mad Scientist.  It can hold anything from a fountain pen to a Sharpie, and utilize a computer input, draw or write whatever you want on any A4-sized area.


And the most intelligent one is "BOND".  Bond, a new startup in New York City, has created robots that can learn your handwriting and convert digital notes into personalized letters.




"Thanks for Handwriting robot, it makes my daily Job easy" said by Jan Hield (anonymous) -- the chief fashion designer.  "However, I lost my house a month after the machine was stolen.  Why and what happened???  Jan bought a Handwriting robot early this year.  It was not only very helpful, but also inspired her on designing.  So, Jan called it "Angel".  She kept her "Perfect Signature" in the system for business purposes, such as the letter for customers, application form... and contract, etc.  Jan's office was hacked in this Jun and nothing lost but the computer and handwriting robot.  One month later, her house was sold under her "Perfect Signature".  That was shock.  She asked a help from her lawyer immediately.  The lawyer said "This is an Evil".


Angel or Evil?  It all depends on you.

Be careful, the machine can sign more truly than you.





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