Sci-Fi Movies come true! Open a door with your eyes.

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Traditional keys and locks have served humans as their safeguard and property protector since the first model was created in Ancient Egypt.  Despite the keys were improved through thousand years, some drawbacks were still remained.    For example, I locked myself out numerous times when I forgot bringing the keys.  When I carried things with both hands, I could hardly find the key and open the door.  Moreover, traditional locks could easily be cracked by skilled thieves.

Fortunately, as technology advanced, new locking solutions came out.  Keys were replaced by passwords, fingerprints, and so on.  New solutions, however, stills had its limits.  Password can be easily stolen.  Fingerprints can be copied by several processes. Furthermore, robbers can detach your hands for your fingerprints.  Thus, a company in Taiwan combined the password and the biometric system to create a new locking solution.    


Photo courtesy: UTECHZONE CO., LTD. Retrieved Feb 18, 2016 from


This new type of lock is called EyeKey which literally means your eyes are the key. All you need to do is entering the password by looking at the numbers on the screen.  The password can never be captured by a camera or someone behind you.  Password entering also prevents someone from using the eyes of unconscious or dead individuals to fool the lock. 

You might wonder how the lock can distinguish the number you are looking at.  The technology behind EyeKey is that it uses pupil-tracking technology which can automatically catch your eyes’ movement.  You might also wonder if any individual can open the lock if they know the password. EyeKey has Iris authentication which can prevent non-user to trick the lock.  Additionally, this lock can protect you when you are forced to open it.  All you need to do is looking at the SOS button on the screen to call for help.       



Photo courtesy: UTECHZONE CO., LTD. Retrieved Feb 18, 2016 from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mpTOO7Joe8

EyeKey is undoubtedly the safest type of lock on the market.  It combines the password and the biometric system to provide you double security.  It is more advanced than normal Iris authentication locks which only provide single protection. It is suitable for the applications such as Home access control, Control area access control, Bank vault unlocking, and Card authorization.  Prepare to throw away your keys, and open locks with you own eyes.  You never need to worry about forgetting keys and your safety when this technology is widespread.        


The demonstration video of EyeKey:








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