Zenbo – Ausu Robot Companion – costs less than Hi-end smart phone.

BY:Magi Mole
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Asus has unveiled a robot today, named Zenbo.  It’s a not surprise of the suffix “Zen”, like “ZenPhone”.  The biggest shock is the price sets up at US$599 only, which is less than a Hi-end smartphone. Jonney Shih, the ASUS chairman, stood on the stage with a confident smile and said, “ASUS will be a company that enables the robots to go into millions of household”. This is a big enouncement , just 1 day before Computex  Taipei opening.


You may be interested what Zenbo can do for us. Zenbo, as same as Pepper (Foxconn’s robot), she is a voice-controlled companion with emotion showing on the touch panel. Except photo-shooting and schedule reminding, she is also a smart house manager who is able to control the lighting, air condition, and door locking system. She also plays a role of home care system to help look after older people and play a simple game or sing with kids. She is a chef to hint you how to prepare a nice dinner.  Zenbo will cost you only US$599, US$599, US$599This is so amazing that I have to say 3 times.



Can Zenbo clean the housing, or vacuum the floor? this question had been asked twice. The answer is "No". Like other  robots in developing, she can't help with tasks around the house. Zenbo is still in experimental stage, not mass-production yet. The Pepper – Foxconn's commercial robot is priced at US$1,999. Why can Zenbo be only US$599? From the ZenFone project, we might smell something out. There was a saying in the market for a long time that Intel offered a subsidy for Asus to use Intel CPU on ZenFone . If Intel joins Zenbo’s project, US$599 will be a True Price in the future. let's expecting it !


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