3D Printer in possible

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About 3D Printer

3D printing technology becomes increasingly popular, which can be used in  product designing, sample modeling, packing, medical treatment, etc.3D printer types:

- FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), this type is common to used in household devices.

- SLA (Stereo lithography) , this type is often used in medical devices.

- SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 

There are other 3D printing technologies (e.g.3D food printer, 3D meat printer, Solar-Powered 3D Printer.)

Modeling the samples

3D printer can build prototypes rapidly, which can reduce time and cost. The traditional way of sample modeling is the slashing method, which produces well proportional, accurate prototypes. However, it takes lots of time. Comparing to the slashing method, 3D printing technology is a low-cost producing method which is faster and more affordable. In addition, it can use ready-made 3D drawings downloaded from the Internet.


Now, there are many cases of disable people using the 3D printer to make theartificial body part. This method can help people in need to acquire customized prosthesis in a fast, convenient and low cost way.Researchers found an eagle was shot in the beak by a hunter; they called the eagle, “Beauty”. Researchers collaborated with local engineers to design, using CAD softwareand 3D printer to make an artificial beak for “Beauty”.

Medical Equipment

This aid was assembled by various materials and parts. By assembling, the aid was lighter, cheaper and offering more options. Up to now, this software was still in developing stage.It had to take 18 months to upgrade and improve. Meanwhile, researchers were assessing its’ benefits, hoping that it could be extending to other fields.


In 2014, a Spanish-based startup, Natural Machines, announced a 3D food printer called Foodini at Web Summit technology conference in Dublin. This printer was specially built for making food. It could print bread, burgers, Ravioli, Pizza, etc. Sure, making deserts like any types of cookie or Macaron were effortless for it.


According to recent industry analysis, 3D printer related companies can be divided to upstream, middle stream, downstream firms. Upstream firms focus on research and design. Middle stream firms provide materials & equipment. Downstream firms offer OEM & Service.

Up to now, Taiwan-based companies mainly focused on importing and obtaining franchises of 3D drawing software.  Due to the high price of professional 3D drawing software, free open-source software with limited functions becomes popular (e.g., Sketch Up, Auto123D ). For general user, they still need some learning capacity and techniques to use them.  

Middle stream firms are manufactures and import agents of 3D Printer - before 2008, Stratasys and 3D system, these two companies controlled most of techniques and patentsin this industry.  So, domestic companies could only focus on importing foreign devices. After patents were expired, domestic companies began to enter the 3D printer manufacturing market. Low priced printers are their main target market.On the other hand, some domestic companies aimed at high quality SLA technology but withthe limit of high cost materials, consumers were preferring the plastic material. As for material aspect, the main raw material of 3D printer was ABS or PLA. Now, factories would like to providethe various materials to extend to different fields.

Downstream firms used to provide OEM & Service. Companies used their 3D printers to help customer to do prototype and charge fees. Now, because of the decreasing price of 3D printer,owners of printers were not only limited to companies but to every individuals. For individual users,some websites had platforms to download 3D drawings. A person could find, download and print his/her favorite drawings.On the other hands, our domestic market was still in the beginning stage. Companies werestill developing their platforms and databases for general users.

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