HOT! VR Surgical Training.

BY:Magi Mole
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If you knew VR(Virtual Reality) only from gaming and entertainment , you are outdated! Today’s VR is wildly used on fashion fitting room and interior decoration,etc. The VR surgical training tops on those  applications beyond doubt.


In this April, the first live-streamed cancer surgery was taken in the Royal London Hospital. Hundreds of students put on the simple VR glasses and joined this surgical training in 360-Degree Virtual Reality. Regularly, the students could stand in a corner and just watch it in a distance. Sometime, they could not see anything, except the monitor. Now, through the VR, students can easily rotate the view in 360degee, zoom in-and-out to follow up all processes in detail. Everyone can freely find the angle & the view they need, not be bounded by 2D Monitor.  


Moreover, there is a VR surgery simulator named Neuro Touch. It uses stereovision and bimanual tool handles with force feedback. NeuroTouch has been using in  surgical training and studies for 3 years. This is a fantastic. Because, it always a big challenge for an experienced doctor to face an intricate surgery such as brain tumor. They always need to keep their hand in a good condition to prevent any tiny mistake damaging surrounding nerves or tissues in human brain; it could cause permanent and severe damage. VR surgery simulator is very helpful for the doctors.



Do you know how many bodies “traveling” between countries just for medical training of students? It’s a horrible number. It did cause several criminal cases in Asia every year. This Surgical Training or surgery simulator (NeuroTouch) could be a good and right solution! 



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