The Sixth Finger - Third Thumb

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Speak of prosthesis, what will you think of?  Fantasy robotic arms in sci-fi movie; artificial limb which commonly used in medical field, or “Flex-Foot Cheetah “from Oscar Pistorius, the athlete to compete at both the Paralympic Games and Olympic Games.  The main purpose of these applications is substitution.  Can it be utilized in different way?

Dani Clode, an industrial design researcher from England developed a brand new design- Third Thumb.  This design has awarded Helen Hamlyn Award for Creativity by Royal College of Art.  The Third Thumb combines the function of tool, experience, and self-expression.  It puts a new spin on definition of human ability.  “The origin of the word ‘prosthesis’ meant ’to add, put onto’; so not to fix or replace, but to extend. The Third Thumb is inspired by this word origin, exploring human augmentation and aiming to reframe prosthetics as extensions of the body.” said by Clode.

The Third Thumb utilizes two motors for all the movement, which controlled by two pressure sensors in your shoes and communicated to the thumb via Bluetooth connection.  For example, you just have to stamp on the floor to crab something by the thumb.


“The value of the Third Thumb is to create a catalyst for society to consider human extension, framed in an approachable, accessible design.  When we start to extend our abilities, and when we reframe prosthetics as extensions, then we start to shift the focus from ‘fixing’ disability, to extending ability.” said Clode


Source: http://www.daniclodedesign.com/thethirdthumb

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