About 3E Mag

BY:Alvin Jones
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We are a group of technology enthusiasts who aim to spread the joys of newest technology and to reduce e-waste. The updated Tech and Products not only open our vision, but also change our life styles always. However, this is not enough. A good design plus right material & right production can give the products a longer life time, and reduces the E-waste.  Therefore, we and next generations are able to enjoy the Hi-Tech life in a green environment always.  Comparing with the life of Earth,  our life  is as short as nothing.  But Earth Mother is deeply hurt in these two decades. How to keep a balance between New Tech and Clean Earth is a critical subject today.

3E Mag-- A free magazine penetrates  on Electronic, Electric and Engineering field.


3E-Mag covers exclusive inside information, top stories, analyzes and more, giving you the latest technology news and exposing the dark side of manufacturing business.  We hope 3E-mag can be an information exchanging platform which not only spread the technology news but also bring the worlds' newest business and products to Asia. If you also have good products with good stories and want to spread your business and promote your products to Asia, please feel free to contact us and give us the information.  We are willing to translate your stories and information to Chinese and put it on our websites for free.


Let us enjoy the life and protect the Earth together!


Your Sincerely,





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