No More Fear! AI Haman Body Thermal Scanning system Helps Stay Away from COVID-19 Spreaders

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Picture Source: Freepik

Do you sometimes wonder how to stay away from COVID-19 as much as possible? And what can help us? COVID-19, a contagious and fatal virus, has broken out since 2020 in the world. In most cases, a patient has an initial symptom of fever. The patient is highly possible to spread the virus via droplet in the public facility. In Taiwan, when you go to train stations, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, and government institutions, you will see equipment for human body temperature detection set up at the entrance of the buildings. The device is a thermal scanning system for coronavirus temperature checks, which detects whether people have a fever or not as entering into public areas. If you are a shop owner, you may start to think of purchasing one. But there are many models sold on the market, and which one works better?


A Taiwanese Company, ZUGO TECH CORP, offers a multi-function human body temperature detection product. The product includes a thermal camera, NVR, and software. By the camera, a fevered person is identified in a color image on the screen. Moreover, the system can rapidly track a group of people moving around and detects their body temperatures. The temperature data is in synchronization with the software and displayed on the screen. Once any one of them exceeds a set temperature, you will hear and see an alarm working. It helps you take action immediately to stop any potential risk. No breach happens!




A night market in Hualien, Taiwan, introduced this equipment to protect every visitor from contracting COVID-19. Visitors can have fun and do not need to worry about any other people who might have a fever in the night market. This fever detection system can efficiently prevent cluster infection or spreading.


Picture Resource: Tawian Public Televesion News, PTS

However, some thermal scanning camera systems are slightly not precise over a specific ambient temperature range. In tropical and subtropical countries, the outdoor temperature usually is from 35°C to 40°C even higher. Those systems restricted to working in a low temperature would have difficulty in distinguishing and sensing a precise body temperature. ZUGO’s thermal camera supports industrial and medical applications, providing precise temperature detection in the environment from -10°C to 50°C. You can install the camera in a hot environment such as a restaurant kitchen and factory to “fever detect” employees.

  Picture Resource: Reuters, Aly Song

After the breakout of COVID-19, people will have a new lifestyle. The virus will not suddenly disappear. People are getting back on track. We need to go to restaurants, theaters, stadiums, shopping malls, and supermarkets. The Human body temperature thermal scanning system will play a role in protecting our health in the future.

Picture Resource: Reuters, Joshua Roberts

Cover Picture Resource: Yusuangdes, Feepik https://www.freepik.com/user3335412

More information about Zugo Thermal Scanning System (https://youtu.be/pbzSjFUcOr0)

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