Amazing makers at National maker faire 2016

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With the passion and love for technology and making things, 3e mag crews attended the national maker faire on this June 18-19.  At the maker faire, we saw lots of amazing works that stunned us how making things can be so much fun and inspiring.  To share these amazing inventions on 3e mag, we invited some generous makers to demonstrate their works.

The first maker we met was a 14-year-old adolescent who built a printer with a group of builders at Nova labs.  They used multiple parts and laser cutting pieces to build printers.  He said the process of printer-building was really FUN!

The second maker we met was a winner in the second annual Virginia Tech Additive Vehicle Design Challenge.   The design challenge was for students to design a remote-controlled, 3D printed vehicle that could drive on the ground and fly in the air.  The vihicle must be fabricated in a battlefield or austere environmental conditions to perform tasks such as searching for survivors and flying through a collapsing building.

She and her team built their vehicle with the least amount of material and fast-printed material which can be printed within 13 hours.  Their vehicle performed well on the smooth ground surface and rough terrains such as sand and gravel.

The third maker was a 22-year-old engineering student who built a vertical hydroponics system for his project.  His system used no soil to grow plants and reduced the water use down to 90% than normal agriculture.  The nutrients flowed in water to feed those plants.  Fish waste was a possible substitute nutrient source for growing plants. 


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