Incredible! Filter Out the Noise, Concentrate on the Talk, with this Sound Sieving System - Here One

BY:Akinade Eniolabi
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We often choose to chat with friends and family when we are at home or other serene environments such as in a restaurant or a bar. But that freedom seems to be taken away immediately we step into a crowded place such as Main Street where sirens of the passing vehicles can be deafening, or in a subway when a heavy train screeches by.

Doppler Labs says that shouldn't be the case, they came up with an innovative solution that lets you selectively control the sound you listen to. Here One is everything in a pair of ear buds and a smartphone app. When the Hear's processor is synced with the app, you can choose which frequencies to filter. This allows you to lower or mute unwanted noises, and, at the same time, tune up the sound you are interested in, much as you would on a TV.

For instance, you can have a clear conversation with a friend close to an airplane runway, or tune out the crowd in a viewing center while watching a football match. Unlike normal headphones, which amplify and reduce all noises at once, Hear One allows you to isolate the most grating noise and mute that. Not only that, you can choose to lower the unwanted noise instead, and increase the other sounds to tune to every speech in a crowded place, much as you control the bass, jazz, treble, in your home sound system.

Its "augmented audio reality", says Noah Kraft, CEO, Doppler Labs, who initially made here available to a community of 10,000 pioneers, including musicians, audiophiles, and tech enthusiasts, before throwing it open to the public. Here One is a complete sound control center which personalizes the experience for you after using for a while; it learns your preferences and intuitively suggests sounds based on your environment. You can also stream music and other audio content wirelessly, and layer your listening to music and the ambient sounds.




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