“Shush…….” Be Quiet!! Do you want to have your own space?

BY:Judy Ghows
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While you are working in the office, you may need a quiet space for concentration. To create that concentrating environment, you may put on your earbuds to isolate yourself.  But somehow after putting on the earbuds, you can still hear the noises like you were in a crowded café shop.


As we know, there is an existing noise cancelation called active noise control (ANC) or active noise reduction (AHR) with headphone to reduce distracting background noise! But, sometimes you don’t want to wear a headphone all day long or wearing it in the office while you still need to answer the phone.

Muzo and noise canceling headphones share same concept that reduce unwanted ambient sound. The difference between the two is that you put headphones inside of your ear and Muzo just enhances this technology for bigger space or area.


The new design of Muzo is the first acoustic device that uses anti-vibration technology for smooth surface.

Just stick Muzo to any flat surface and press the button. Your personal zone is created with over 12 soothing soundtracks via the APP. 


Besides, the exclusive technologies, noise masking and anti-vibration, are advantages for people who have sleep disorder, they could set up to the sleep mode as therapy treatment and choose the nature sounds in the comfort scene to help them fall asleep.   

Let’s create your personal area and enjoy your private time…… 

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