Meet your personal bartender at home!

BY:Judy Ghows
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What would you do to relax after a hard working day, drinking, reading or exercising? Many of us find drinking at bar is an excellent relieving method for sure. Also, having a young lady to make the cocktail for you is fantastic, but somehow it costs a bit much.

As a result, some of us will choose to make their own drinks to save the extra money. The idea sounds cool but in reality it’s fancy. You have to collect all the equipment and recipes for cocktails, and you can not to assure that your cocktail will taste as good as the one that bartender makes.  

Now, your savior is here. The personal bartender at home will represent to the professional cocktail in seconds without any complicated accessory.  So, you can enjoy the family time and having fun with these cocktails.

The personal bartender is robotic bartender which can make a peofessial cocktail. It has no buttons and can be controlled by a smart phone. The users can download the APP to make their own cocktails and they can even control the alcohol concetration. The robotic bartender contains 6 bottles and each capacity of bottle is 750ml. You can put juice or alchol as the basic material of cocktail. The most convenient thing is that the bottles are diswashable and recyclable. Moreover, you could take it to anywhere.  

The APP provides over 300 cocktails recipes.  And of course, if you don’t like alcohol, you can create your personal juice cocktail as well.

I know what you have concerned. How could I clean internal of robotic bartender? Will mix all the flavor? The bartender has an automated water-flushing system so you don’t need to worry about how to clean it. It always serve you a fresh cocktail and just tastes like your first.  

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