Happy Moon Festival. BBQ Time!

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Hooray!  15th August in the Chinese lunar canlander is Moon Festival, one of the traditional Chinese festivals.  In this particular day, people will get together to celebrate.  Traditionally, people will eat moon cake and pomelo; nowadays, people will gather together and have a barbecue.  Somehow barbecue has become the most popular activity for Moon Festival in Taiwan.

Barbecue is a good way to improve people’s relationship, which can bring your family and friend closer together.  However, it may cause air pollution.  People usually use coal to build the fire, which may generate a lot of carbon dioxide that not only affects the environment but also our health.  To enjoy the festival with barbecue, what can we do?

Here are some new high-tech products for your reference.


GoSun Grill

This oven utilizes solar energy to cook the food.  It doesn’t need electricity or fire but can heat up to 290 degrees Celsius in 20 minutes.  The size is the same as regular oven, which is easy to carry.  It can work all day long due to the heat battery made from organic wax.  It can steam, cook, grill, fry, and even bake.  Amazing!

Reference: https://www.gosunstove.com/


Sheng Dun

This pan has just published in Asia.  It utilizes infrared ray to grill the food so that there will be no lampblack while cooking.  The special design of the IR and the plate will heat the food uniformly without  burning the food.  You don’t even have to flip the food again and again to make sure they are done.  This grill pan makes barbecue easy.

Reference: http://in-dream.com.tw/



The smart robot helps to clean the grill.  It has three electric motors and three replaceable brushes.  With a strong smart CPU, it regulates the speed and direction automatically.  You just have to push a button then this fully automated grill cleaning robot will do it all.

Reference: https://grilljunkieguy.com/grilling-product-reviews-grillbot/


What are you waiting for?  BBQ Time!

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