Coffee Break! How would you like to brew your Coffee?

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Coffee Break!  Are You a Coffee Addict?  There is no accounting for taste.  Which kinds of coffee do you like, instant coffee, fresh made coffee, capsule coffee, or drip coffee?  How do you deal with the coffee grounds?  The application of the coffee grounds will make you surprised.

The coffee grounds are good for exfoliation, which can be added in soap and conditioner.  The coffee grounds are natural components and full of oil that make your skin smooth without body burden.


Clothes made from coffee grounds a not news.  Have you ever heard coffee grounds can be transferred to 3D printed material?  This technology is published this year in Taiwan and win awards in 19th Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies.  The product exhales a pleasant coffee smell, which makes you really comfortable.

Speaking of capsule coffee, it can be said the most popular type of coffee nowadays.  Since capsule coffee was published in 2010, the sales volume has increased from US$ 70 billion to US$ 170 billion in 2015.  This shows that people gradually change their way drinking coffee.


While capsule coffee becomes more and more popular, the dispute of environment reveals.  Capsule coffee consists of aluminum foil, coffee powder, filter, and plastic film, which most of people throw away directly without classification.  But here comes the most important part, the components such as aluminum and plastic will take 150 to 500 years to decompose.  The situation has become worse…

Due to the recycle process of capsule is complicate; consumers and even the seller don’t do the recycle.  The inventor of capsule coffee, John Sylvan said, “The invention of capsule coffee is a horrible mistake!”  In February, 2016, capsule coffee is forbidden in public sector by the government in Hamburg, Germany. 


Nespresso launches a new capsule.  It claims the composition doesn’t contain petroleum materials and can be decomposed in eight months.  However, the cost will be expensive and the consumers may not be interested.

Perhaps the producer should consider environmental capsule.  Since it is impossible to let people quit coffee, we have to spread the environmental awareness.

Drink coffee in the correct way!

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