Finding Your Own Nemo and Dory!

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Many people have experience of raising fish to dead.  The main reason is the living environment.  Fishkeeping is both knowledge and art.  There are many elements for well taking care of fish.  Before you start to raise fish, you should do some research about the tank and Water.

Water is the most important element for fishkeeping.  You have to “raise water” before raising the fish.  It takes times and experience.  When it comes to cleaning and changing the water from the tank, some people feel annoyed.  The smell and the dirty water may drive you crazy.  Now there’s a new tank which can solve the changing water problem.

GravityFlow2 is a tank that can change the water automatically.  It doesn’t need electricity or battery, which utilizes the principle of gravity flow; just as it’s’ name.  The dirty water will bleed off from the faucet and replace with 2 gallons of clean water.  You don’t even have to take the fish out.  GravityFlow2 saves your time.

Reference: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/930441187/noclean-aquariums-eco-friendly-self-cleaning-glass

If you have to leave your house for business trip or family trip that don’t have time to feed your fish at home, you may choose a tank with auto feeder.  Through its’ exclusive APP, you can control the time feeding fish anytime.  You can also monitor the water quality and change the LED lights.  For office workers, this tank is really convenient.

Have you ever think of raising fish and growing herbs at the same time?  A design group from Taiwan achieves this imagination.  Herb & Fish Connect is an aquaponics tank.  It utilizes siphon principle to let the fish and herbs live in mutualism, which also makes the appearance more simple and dignified.  This product is seems to be both soothing and stress-relieving for urbanites.

Reference: https://www.ditfunding.com/dream/337

Which tank do you prefer?  Are you ready to build your own water world?


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