Small box makes the distraction get away

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Do you have the similar experience that you or your friends are addicted to phones?  Maybe you and your friends finally have time to having dinner, but surprisingly no one talks at there.  Everybody's eyes and hands are fixed to their phones.  Or let's suppose you are in a meeting or a class, but you can't help ignoring the meeting or class just to use your phone.

Photo courtesy: wikimedia  DEC.3 2016  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cell_phones.jpg

Fortunately, there is a new invention to that eliminates this situation. A college student developed a device that students must put their phones into the device to turn on the air conditioning and other appliances during a class.  Most importantly, this device needs to collect a certain number of mobile phones to turn on the appliances.  If any of the collected phones was taken, it will immediately shut down all the appliances.

Photo courtesy: Unsplash  DEC.3 2016   https://pixabay.com/p-918633/?no_redirect

Some schools have tried this device, and it worked well. Students feel interesting, and teachers believe that this device can prevent student playing their phones during the class.

In the future, the device could be used in the workplace to prevent distraction during meetings.  It could also be used in cars to improve the driving safety.  If the driver picks up the phone, the car will issue a reminder.

Photo courtesy: distractagone  DEC.3 2016 http://distractagone.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/cropped-SmartLock.jpg

At Kickstarter, there is a device-DistractaGone that has a similar function.  DistractaGone is a box with an electronic lock.  People can put their phone inside DistractaGone and set up a timer to lock up the phone.  Once locked, the device can't be open until the timer hits zero.

The device is made with a solid material.  Unless you use a hammer to crack it, otherwise the phones will be quietly lying in DistractaGone. Users can regain their focus while their phones are charging inside the box.

In this generation, the invention of phone box may allow people to temporarily put down the phone and feel the goods outside the phone.

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