Get Your Own Tattoo in Three Seconds!

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While you are in a ball game, you may want to show the support to your favorite team. When attending a concert, you may want to share your passion to your idol.    Have you ever thought that tattoo is cool and wanted to have one?


Inspirational quotes, support teams, lovers, idols, or pictures of memorable things are the patterns that people will put on their bodies.  However, people hesitate to get tattoo because these indelible marks will stay with you for your whole life.

With Prinker, you don’t have to worry about this.


A company from Korea invented a machine, Prinker, which can print temporary tattoo in only three seconds.  Ant this tattoo is waterproof and soap washable, which can stand for three days.  You can swim and go to the beach with these beautiful tattoos.  The ink is made from cosmetics ingredients.  If you regret, you can remove it right away with soap.

You can choose the patterns in the gallery of its’ APP.  Here comes the best part, you can even design your own tattoo.  Create the design and put it directly to your skin, which is the same spirit of tattoo.

Look before you leap.  Next time, when you want to have a tattoo, think of there’s a machine called Prinker.



Source: www.prinker.us/

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