Take the lamp anywhere you like, even when camping

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In general, the desk lamp is normally placed on a desk or a coffee table to provide the light for users. It's rare to see any portable desk lamp in the market. But, a manufacturer from China wants to change the image of desk lamps. They design a portable wireless desk lamp for users. It's also convertible that it can serve as a normal desk lamp, an outdoor lighting or a flashlight. Users can even mount the lamp on the wall to turn it into a wall lamp.

Unlike the traditional desk lamp, the portable lamp features with 360-degree  rotation mechanism and made with aluminum alloy. It can be folded and be portable. It can also serve as a cell phone stand. For the power, there is a 1000mAh battery in the lamp. With only 2.5 hours of charging, it can light for 10 hours. Users can take it to a dim cafe or camping.

Pic courtesy: Retrieved August 28, 2017, https://z.jd.com/project/details/86677.html​

In addition, the lamp features with the color temperature of 6000K natural light, and the average brightness of 150 lumens (lux). It supports strobe and blue light elimination as well. It can provide users a  comfortable light for reading.

Different from the traditional desk lamp, the wireless portable lamp breaks the boundary that it can be carried to anywhere. And with 10 hours of lighting,  users can read or work anywhere with it. The lamp is at fundraising stage on the fundraising platform. If you are interested, visit their page to support.


Reference: https://www.saydigi.com/2017/08/u-dot.html

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