Secret weapon to fight smelly odor in your shoes

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The biggest nightmare for fitness enthusiasts or people who wear unbreathable shoes all day long is the horrific odor that comes from the smelly shoes. The unpleasant odor could affect the indoor air quality or the friendship between them and their friends. For solving this, a company comes up with a product that can eliminate the bacteria and smelly odor with Ultraviolet and Ozone and fast drying the shoes. It only takes 15 minutes to eliminate the odor.

Pic courtesy: saydigi Retrieved September 27, https://www.saydigi.com/2017/09/shoes-deodorization.html

This product may look like an alien weapon from science fiction movies, but it is a powerful weapon that can dry up the shoes quickly with the PTC heater and Ultraviolet & Ozone. It drys up the shoes with  65 degrees Celsius temperature and eliminates bacteria with Ultraviolet and Ozone. Users can control the product on the handle and adjust the length for each shoe.

The product is now in the fundraising stage, but when it is on the market, it will benefit many people. Whether the users need it to dry up the shoes or need it fight the smelly odor, it will be a great tool that people will not be embarrassed when they are in the situation that needs they to take off the shoes.


Refernce: https://www.saydigi.com/2017/09/shoes-deodorization.html

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