Installed the Sun in your closet

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Do you know that the clothes you hang in the closet may not always be clean as you thought? Because dust mites and mold are everywhere, they can invade the closet and your clothes. It will leave stains on your clothes and let you feeling itching when wearing them. The situation gets worse in humid places. But, everyone knows that the best way to get rid of that and kill the molds and dust mites is sun exposure.

So, what if we can put the Sun in our closet? It can solve this situation for good. A team had developed a light that can function as the Sun. It uses ultraviolet to eliminate harmful matters on clothes. It is installed with a magnet holder in the wardrobe. It can also be installed in the kitchen or bedroom as kitchen light or night light. It only takes 30 minutes to destroy viruses and bacteria in a sterilization and it can work for 8000 hours. 

Pic courtesy: saydigi Retrieved October 17, https://www.saydigi.com/2016/04/sunsmell.html

When the power is turned on, the light will start to sterilize when it senses no one is near the closet. The design is for preventing the human body from being damaged by ultraviolet rays. After the sterilization is finished, your clothes will smell like it was exposure to the Sun.  With the light, your clothes can stay clean for good as you bring the Sun to your closet.


Reference: https://www.saydigi.com/2016/04/sunsmell.html

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