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A voice recorder is a crucial tool for students, lawyers and other users that need to record, but traditional recorder can only record sounds. It's rarely to find a recorder that can also work as a pen and video recorder. Thus, a team has developed a concept product on a fundraising platform. It's called Relee, a voice recorder pen that can also record videos. No matter you want to record in a class or recording dialogues, the pen can do it for you.

The specialty of this recorder pen is that in its normal pen-like body, the developer put a microphone and camera inside. The longest distance that the pen can record videos and sounds is 100 meters. Even if you sit in the back of the classroom, you can record clearly.

Pic courtesy:z.jd.comRetrieved October 25, https://z.jd.com/project/details/88866.html

What about the recording video quality? The Relee recorder pen featuring with recording 720P video and H.264 video encoding format. It allows users to record high-quality video. In addition, you can also connect the Relee and your phone via Wi-Fi. You can send sounds and videos from Relee to phone.

This intelligent product is in fundraising phase. It will be released to the market when the fundraising reaches to the goal. It will be a good assistant for students or lawyers and it released.

Resouce: https://www.saydigi.com/2017/10/relee.html

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