Stop carrying the suitcase. Now, a suitcase will automatically follow you.

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Are you tired of carrying the suitcase when you travel? It's exhausting to carry the suitcase filled with clothing or souvenir round. Now, a company has listened to your need. They had designed an intelligent suitcase robot called Travelmate that could follow the owner automatically. After it connected to the owner's phone, it would follow the owner anywhere he/she go.

Pic courtesy: travelmaterobotics Retrieved October 31, travelmaterobotics.com/

Aside from connecting the app to follow the owner, it was also built with artificial intelligence, a variety of sensors, omnidirectional wheels and LED light bar. Those components could make the suitcase capable to avoid damage when it encountered obstacles such as people, gaps, and uneven roads.

Travelmate could work continuously for 4 hours and stand-by for 100 hours after charging. With a built-in USB socket, it allowed users to charge their devices before boarding. In addition, the suitcase also featured with a fingerprint sensor, a TSA approved suitcase lock and a GPS. It would prevent thieves from stealing items inside the suitcase or stealing the whole suitcase.

The Travelmate suitcase was available on Indiegogo with options of three sizes.  If you want to get away from carrying suitcases when travel, you can check them on Indiegogo. 




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