Destroy the language barrier with the real-time translation headphone

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With the continuous improvement of technology, communicating with people who speak a different language is now not as hard as in the past. With a mobile phone or a headset with translation function, the simple communication can be easily done. For making the cross-language communication easier for people, a communication app-LINE, and it's parent company Naver developed a real-time translation wireless, award-winning headset: Mars. It is scheduled to be launched in Korea in 2018.

MARS, with a built-in Clova artificial intelligence system, can translate 10 languages including Chinese, Korean, English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian. The built-in noise reduction function allows you to focus on the instantaneous translation even if both parties do not speak each other's language or talk in a very noisy environment. In addition, users can also use the Clova artificial to ask for the weather, play music, and even remotely control IoT appliances at home.

Pic courtesy: Naver Retrieved November 15, https://www.saydigi.com/2017/11/line-mars.html

Like other brands of wireless headphones, MARS comes with a carry-on box with a charging function that keeps both headphones in a powered state all the time. The MARS wireless headset is expected to receive the Best Headset Innovation Award at the CES Consumer Electronics Show in New York, USA, in 2018 and will be launched in Korea in the same year. As for the schedule to launch in other countries and the language support,  it still awaits for Line's confirmation.

Resouce: https://www.saydigi.com/2017/11/line-mars.html

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