Staying hydrated becomes easy with this smart bottle

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Staying hydrated is an art. Drinking too much or too less water will affect our health. And, the amount of water does a person need per day varies from person to person. With the importance of staying hydrated properly, a company had developed a smart bottle based on its research of big data and the habit of drinking water. This smart bottle can record and tracks personal drinking habits, and remind you when you need to drink water. It also displays the related information of drinking water on it's LED touchscreen.

Pic courtesy: https://static.pexels.com/photos/416528/pexels-photo-416528.jpeg

The philosophy of designing the smart bottle is to remind people to drink water in the busy lifestyle.
In addition to recording how much water you drank, the bottle will show the moisture balance percentage on the screen to let you know if you drink too less water. When you need to drink, the smart bottle cap will vibrate to remind you to replenish some water.  In addition, you can remind your relatives or friends that have the bottle to drink water with the phone app.

The bottle equipped with LED touchscreen, with the screen you can know information of the water inside such as the temperature. It will also remind you to be cautious when the water temperature is over 50 degrees Celsius. Aside from the LED screen,  the bottle is made of high quality 316 stainless steel. It's also BPA FREE. You can use it for water, coffee or tea. The Insulation is also quite impressive, it can preserve hot water for 12 hours and preserve iced-water for 24 hours.

The bottle can last for 90 days for its intelligent function with one charge. You don't need to worry about losing power all the time. To build up a good water-drinking habit, the bottle may be the best bottle for you.

Reference: https://www.saydigi.com/2017/11/drinkup.html

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