Sit anywhere you like with portable chair

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Do you have any experience of standing for a long time? Unfortunately, I have this experience. I once was on a train that needed 5 hours to arrive my destination. The train was crowded and I had no place to sit. When I arrived my destination, I can barely feel my legs. They were so stiff and sore. I really wished I had brought anything that I could sit on for the ride.

Fortunately, a team had built a portable one-legged chair that the user can bring it anywhere, and occupied the smallest place to sit. This revolutionary chair can be your best company when you go to concerts or in the situation that requires standing for a long time, allowing you to get proper rest and relives your spine and legs from the burden.

Pic courtesy: sitpack zen Retrieved Dec 13, 2017, http://www.yankodesign.com/images/design_news/2017/12/sitpack_zen_04.jpg

The one-legged chair is made of carbon fiber and aviation aluminum which make it durable and very lightweight. Its structure and size are like a folding umbrella and it can easily be packed in a backpack or any type of bags.  In addition, the one-legged chair occupies very small space which can be used in the crowded compartment, dining area, and even in a concert.

For now, the chair is in crowdfunding stage. If you are interested, you can check it the on the crowdfunding website. When it released on the market, it will be a great tool to relieve your spine and legs in the situation that required to stand for a long time.

Refernce: https://www.saydigi.com/2017/12/sitpack-zen.html

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