Use your fingertip to make phone calls

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Can you imagine that you can start a phone call with your finger? In recent years, a team had developed a ring that can bring this concept in reality. The secret of the ring it that it uses bone conduction. It transforms the sound into mechanical vibrations at different frequencies and then transmits sound waves through human skulls.  

The story behind the ring is that the inventor wants to develop a phone call tool that requires no monitor for his blind father.  It allows users to connect their phones via Bluetooth and put their fingertip on the ear to make calls.

Pic courtesy:ORII  https://www.urdesignmag.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/origami-labs-orii-smart-ring-1.jpg

When the phone rings, the ring will shake or flash to notify you. Not only that, users can also interact with Siri, Google Assistant. For the visually impaired and people don't like to use headphones or holding the phone, the ring will be a great tool for calling.

The most special thing about this ring is that the users only need to put their fingertip on their ear to hear the sound. And, as tested, the sound quality is quite clear. 
To answer phone calls, texting messages, the users only need to push the side button.

This ring, for now, is in pre-order stage. Users can If you are tired of holding a cell phone or using an earphone. You can check out the ring. 


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