Floor Sensors is Money Spinner in Physical Store!

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When you would like to go shopping, mostly you walk out and straight to the brick and mortar store. Although shopping online is prevailing much right now, you still need to go outside for foods and drinks, or getting something your need within a second. A sort of Sensor named Scanalytics is a floor sensor that is appearing in the store in the United State.



The sensor is designed to track consumer behaviors when they are shopping in the physical store. Retailers can analyze those behaviors by collecting data with Scanalytics. In fact, many physical stores are facing a disadvantage because they “don’t have that granular level of understanding as to where users are entering, what they are doing, what shelves are not doing well, which aisles are not being visited.” said Brian Sathianathan, co-founder of iterate.ai, a company in Denver that assists businesses to find and test technologies from startups in the world.

With the tracking technology, the floor sensor is designed to detect a consumer’s foot compression to track that person’s path and how long the person stands in front of products before walking away. Then, by the collected data, retailers can know the best time to give customers a coupon or change a digital display before they don’t feel interested in the products. “Something that in the moment will increase their propensity to purchase a product” said Scanlin, a co-founder of Scanalytics.

A bicycle retailer in Wisconsin uses the sensor, which is placed under utility mats, to count the number of customers visiting in the store to help arrange their staff. Recently, concerns about privacy are being raised in the tracking application. But the co-founder clarified that his sensors don’t collect personal information.

But not everyone thinks that the sensor does result in an issue of privacy trespassing. “if that’s helping the retailer as far as tracking what sells and what no, I think it’s a good idea” Jeffery Lenon said, who was a customer at a store with Scanalytics.


News Reference: http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gadgets/a15172987/store-floors-could-soon-track-where-you-walk/

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